26 July 2017

Fix Lenovo A7000 Ghost Touch

finally after buying the second android phone via online store here from Bukalapak.com, i've found some problem / glitch from the stuff. at the 1st time the phone is boot up. when it comes to the screen. there is some strange Ghost Touch.

i've already  restart it, reset to the phone default settings, but still not fixed. which makes me feel stressed and become disappointed.

i've been trying to solve the problem by searching via google, and most of them said that the solution is :
1. resetting the phone to factory default. its mean that all the data, application, etc. will be lost.
2. the worst and last effort is by replacing the LCD Screen.
3. battery damaged
4. charger is broken. but this is only happened when charging.
5. the phone screen is getting hot
6. Firmware Bugs.  if this happened then you should patch your phone firmware / Flash again with a good firmware.
 i've already try all the solution except replace the screen, but it still remain fail.
so, i've getting sad & then i get pray a little..  after all, i'm getting desperate full, then i place an advertisement to sell this Phone via Online Stores.